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About in2beats

in2beats is a station devoted to bringing live 24/7 urban music to your PC, wherever you are, worldwide.

in2beats was started to allow Djs from all genres who play urban music to promote themselsves and their associated events. Further, we also promote club and undergound house, R&B, hip-hop, grime, garage, drum & bass plus anything associated with the music industry.

The station has some excellent studio equipment which presents great opportunity for DJs to express their abilities in a variety of analogue and digital broadcasting formats.

The current studio equipment comprises serato scratch, vinyl MP3 mixer, Technics decks, Pioneer CDJs, 2k sound system running through a passive cross-over, 7-channel mixer and mini disc player. We also feature multpiple PCs in the studio where DJs can hit the Web and upload their tracks to the website as well as uploading to the inhouse server.

Dynamic cut and drop serato live voice mixing: say it, play it; scratch it. Live, no prerecording, just record, drop onto vinyl and scratch your voice away, live on your set!

All DJs are allocated personal server space on our dedicated inhouse streaming servers. DJs can upload their music to their personal space from a variety of sources - CDs, mini disc, portable harddrive, user email, to name but a few.

We complement our audio streams with live video streaming via 5 megapixel realtime webcam streaming in Windows Media Player and Quicktime formats.

Naturally, all access is via secure password-locked enterprise server encryption, so nobody can rip or access anybody's tracks or emails without express permission.

In other words, in2beats offer hi-tech, hi-security, hi-quality music streaming.

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